Research Foundation Hiring Procedures - Rehires

The Research Foundation considers an employee with a break-in-service of 120 days or more to be a rehire. The applicability of this procedure is determined by the last timesheet date of the prior appointment and the start date of the new appointment.

Research Foundation employee’s Rehire package must be completed and sent to the Office of Grants/Sponsored Programs, Room H-336 one week before the proposed start date.

In order to expedite the processing of your rehire employee’s paperwork and payroll, please have the following forms completed and signed:
    To help make sure you do not lose track of what you need, you can print out a checklist HERE.

  1. Employee Wage Title Designator This form must be generated on the Research Foundation Website by the Principal Investigator on or before the start date of the employee. Both PI and Employee will need to sign.
  2. Rehire Acknowledgement Form- Revised: 6/3/15 Employee must complete this form if they are being hired by a Research Foundation project after a break-in-service of 120 days or more.
  3. Job Duties and Qualifications Revised 6/3/15
  4. Consent to Request Consumer Report & Investigative Consumer Report Information or Combined Disclosure Notice and Authorization Regarding Background Consumer Reports & Summary of Rights Under FCRA – Parental Consent for Minors Only or OUT OF (NY) STATE residents; State specific rights
  5. 2016 Federal W-4 Tax Form
  6. IT-2104 Withholding Allowance NYS or IT-2104 E Exemption from Withholding NYS
  7. As of November 9, 2015 all DIRECT DEPOSIT AUTHORIZATIONS will be done online after you have been assigned an Employee ID.
  8. Form I-9 Employment Eligibility VerificationThe process for completing a form I-9 varies from the procedure of a new hire. Please contact Sponsored Programs to verify the status of the employee's form I-9 – 718-631-6357
  9. Change of Address (if applicable)
  10. Notification of Annual Leave Policy
  11. Annual Leave Scheduling Form (Please download and save file to your computer before completing. Contact SueAne Solares-Loza at ext. 6357 if you have any questions.)
  12. QCC HR Approval Letter - Should only be completed if a prospective RF employee is currently a Full-Time/Part-Time CUNY Faculty/Staff.  Note that an additional Multiple Position Form will be required for Full-Time CUNY Faculty.

updated 3/3/14