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Chapter  7: The Existence of Souls and the Resurrection 

Section 5. Final Questions

After all the reflections on this topic these questions remain:

  1. Is there conclusive evidence to indicate that there is the existence of a soul or spirit that can exist separate from the physical body?
  2. Is there conclusive evidence that the spirit or soul or "self" continues to exist after the death of the body?
  3. What evidence or support is there for the idea that a soul will exist for all eternity, i.e., forever or for an infinity?
  4. Is there conclusive reasoning that the survival of the person is possible?
  5. Is there any evidence or conclusive reasoning on the nature of the afterlife?
  6. Will we get our bodies back? If so, which one?
  7. What will life in the hereafter be like?  Is it possible for a human to exist and be happy for eternity?
  8. Is it possible for a human to exist and be happy for eternity in a body?

There are also the questions that are seldom raised or discussed in the West including such as:

  1. If there is a deity is it still possible that there are no souls?
  2. If there is a deity is it possible that the are souls but that they do not exist for all eternity or forever but instead that the souls cease to exist as individual entities and are either extinguished altogether or transformed or taken into the existence of the deity or the absolute?


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