Tales of the Divine Comedy

by      Thomas Ragazzi   and Dr. Philip A. Pecorino



Those who have a sense of humor must be close to the divine for, if there is a deity, a sense of humor must be a defining characteristic of the creator.  How else can we explain this universe and the events on this planet as a product of a divinity other than to see it as a cosmic joke of some sort?  As such, let us not take too much too seriously.  Let us work for a better state of affairs for our fellow humans and not be misdirected by explanations of events that rely on supernatural powers, explanations that are riddled with contradictions and inconsistencies and veiled by a cloak of mystery for which it is claimed that human intelligence cannot fathom.  Perhaps human intelligence can decipher a sort of divine or sublime comedy in the various goings on and in the attempts to explain it all in desperate and disparate attempts to preserve a role for the mysterious and ever illusive supernatural beings.


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Copyright Thomas Ragazzi and Philip A. Pecorino 2010. All Rights reserved.