Chapter  7: Human Experimentation

Section 5. Case Study

NAME: Heidi C. Aho

CASE TITLE: Animal Experimentation and Research: Thoughts and Facts

DESCRIPTION: This is not a case per se but more of an overview of the fundamentals

and practices of animal experimentation research. I have tried to incorporate articles that

govern its usage as well as facts about why the process is done in addition to why it is not

necessary today.

Articles that Support Animal Testing and Research:

School Approval Guidelines for Animal Testing and Research:

You will need to download this file:

Articles that are Against Animal Testing and Research:

Articles About the Processes of Animal Testing and Research:


Articles that Discuss the Ethical Dilemmas Surrounding Animal Testing and Research:

More Specifically -

Animal Welfare Act:

Federal Drug and Cosmetic Act:

LD50 - Accepted Animal Test for Human Toxicity Levels:

Interesting Facts, Articles, Etc. About Animal Testing and Research:


Animal Welfare and the Ethics of Animal Use



Animal Welfare

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The Ethics of Animal Use

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