Course Outline and Requirements

Class Behavior

Whether in a face to face traditional classroom or in a virtual online classroom we need to establish and maintain an environment that is conducive to teaching and learning.   Please assist me in doing this.  We can not tolerate any behavior that is disruptive in any manner nor undermining the instructional program.

Unacceptable behavior including but not limited to behavior that is distracting, disruptive, undermining or insulting or demeaning will not be ignored and will be reported if not halted immediately upon request from the instructor.  Repeated offenses may result in removal from the class.

ONLINE Class Behavior

The above message applies to those in an online class just as well as to those in the traditional classroom setting.  In the online virtual classroom repeated offenses will result in being barred from participation in the class.

On Netiquette

QCC  see the module and take the review quiz here.


Postings to Discussion Board
Please follow these Terms of Service or Conditions for Use:

  • No sloppy postings, please use a spell check and then copy and paste into the discussion box
    No inflammatory messages, count to 10 before posting, No (masked) vulgarity,
    No trolling
    No spamming,
    No mentioning of pink elephants, etc
    YES, be polite
    Yes, be helpful
    Yes, copy and paste materials into your posts to support your positions
    Yes, ask questions of your classmates
    Yes, point out inconsistencies, contradictions and vagueness
    Yes, respond to those you respond to you in acceptable posting language.
    Do NOT use all CAPITAL letters.  It is considered rude to do so.
    No spelling short cuts or emoticons,
    No lower case "i" in referring to oneself.
    No sentence fragments and sentences that begin without an upper-case letter.
  • The full statement on Academic Integrity and student sanctions can be found at:



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