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Announcement 1-26-04


Prepare for one heck of an experience.

Intense and rapid!!

15 weeks of work and thinking, thinking , thinking. Are you ready!

Fun, work, opportunities, work, rewards, work. 12 to 15 hours of work per week!!!!

 Funerals**Patients' Rights**Informed Consent**Privacy**Right to Refuse Treatment**Physician Assisted Suicide**Infanticide**Triage:Allocation of Resources**Natural Death** & Other Topics!!!

A Survivor Course !



You are about to enter into an EXPERIENCE. For most of us involved this will be a completely unique first time experience. part will be learning about moral dilemmas associated with HEALTH CARE, MEDICINE and RESEARCH. Still another part of the experience will be learning about me and your classmates and their views on many important topics. Perhaps, the most important part of the experience will be what you shall learn about yourself and what you are capable of doing and what you are capable of learning and how critically you can think about important and very basic questions and issues that have perplexed humans around this planet for millennia!!!!

You should start by going to COURSE INFORMATION and readng all the documents there. Then do the "Icebreaker" exercises or assignments that are in the first ORIENTATION week module as soon as possible.
Here is a quick link to that list.

One of the most important aspects of this course is student interaction, and I don't want anyone working ahead - that's why I shall discourage you from moving ahead of the time schedule for activities and assignments. (See Schedule-CALENDAR in the COURSE INFORMATION section and print it out for yourself. )

Keep your mind open, and be prepared for a challenging and thought-provoking course. If you are the curious type, and if you like to think, I believe you will enjoy this course a great deal. Curiosity may have killed a cat somewhere or other once upon a time but curiosity is near the origin of philosophical thought in humankind.

CURIOSITY, WONDER and CRITICAL THOUGHT are hallmarks of a philosophical disposition.

Whether on the ground in an ordinary classroom or online in the virtual classroom in cyberspace, this course involves a lot or work. Reading, thinking, writing, thinking, writing, reflecting, writing, questioning, writing, interacting with the instructor and fellow classmates. Most will find that all the work is worth expending because of the value derived from that expenditure. Some of the labor involved might be a bit uncomfortable, disquieting and perhaps, painful. But remember:

This experience is designed to provide you with opportunities to experience value. One of those values is learning, knowledge is another, skill development is a third but FUN is also included as a valued goal.

One of the oldest people to have ever taken a class with me taught me this:

A mind is like a parachute:
it must open to work correctly !!!

So, Please keep your mind OPEN.

Open to learning.



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Do not use all capital letters- it is considered as rude and similar to shouting at people.


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There is more information on this under Course Information Documents-Assistance with Written Assignments


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BB Assistance and the HELP DESK
BB Assistance and the HELP DESK
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SAVE TIME on scrolling down in the Discussion Board
SAVE TIME on scrolling down in the Discussion Board
From Diane Acosta:

If you want to look for a specific module you do not have to scroll through the whole discussion board to find what you are looking for. You can simultaneously press the Ctrl and F keys. A log box will appear and you may type in for example "module 9" and it will take you directly to module 9. Try it! It saves time.

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I have a notebook computer with an internet connection available for your use outside of my office (Medical Arts-403) whenever I am in my office.  Some students have used it already. 

Well get into the DISCUSSION BOARD and if you are already behind in submitting your written assignments get caught up as soon as possible. 

Observe the DUE DATES for assignments!! 

See you online!

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