SS650 Logic 

Main principles of deductive and inductive inference with an introduction to classical and traditional logic.   

Objectives:            This course will introduce students to:

  1. The methods of rational inquiry and analysis

  2. Reasoning in forming judgments and making decisions

  3. The nature of causal reasoning & concept of cause and effect

  4. The nature of analogical reasoning

  5. Criticizing and improving judgments and interpretations based upon information , evidence and reasoning.

  6. The detection, analysis, criticism and formulation of arguments

  7. Logical self defense against propaganda and advertisements

  8. The evaluation of evidence

  9. A critical view of the news media

  10. The evaluation of hypotheses according to evidence and reasoning

  11. The treatment of alternative hypotheses

  12. The role of necessary and sufficient conditions

The course will feature case studies and contemporary sources of argumentation  and persuasion found in advertisements, news media, politics etc...                  back to top 


In the LOGIC COURSE !!!!!

This course in Logic will feature use of the internet as a resource. You will find the course calendar, outline, requirements, quizzes and even your grades on the website .

  1. You will need access to the internet.

Access may be available to you at these locations:

  1. in the classroom-

  2. in the college's library

  3. in various labs and computer rooms at the college

  4. at the public library

  5. at your worksite

  6. in your home

2. You will be required to go to the internet site associated with the textbook, the online Study Guide. There you will find:

  • Text

  • Tutorials

  • Review Quizzes

  • Required Exercises that you must submit as quizzes

The Website for the required textbook Critical Thinking by Moore and Parker: the online Study Guide Location is (url):


3. You will be required to submit your website exercises by email.

4. You will need an email address to receive your quiz results and comments from your instructor.

If you do not already have an email address, the college will be providing email addresses for all students or you can acquire one, at no cost to you, from any one of a number of providers, e.g. hotmail, yahoo, excite, etc…

Set up a Student E-mail Account - We recommend a free Hotmail account for student E-mail. Students can click the above link and enter the requested  information.

You will be given assistance in acquiring an email address if you need one. See the instructor or the technician in charge of the college's learning facility that you may be using.

Required textbook:  There is a great deal of material an exercises that will be found on the internet.  There is also a textbook Critical Thinking that has an internet site associated with it. http://www.mayfieldpub.com/ct/chapterindex.htm

 Learners should acquire the textbook.

Critical Thinking
by Brooke Noel Moore, Richard Parker
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