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Medical Ethics

A consideration of the ethical implications of modern medical research and practice. Topics include professional versus universal ethics, the rights of patients, genetic engineering, truth and information in medicine, the concept of mental illness, experimentation on human subjects and public health policy.   


  To enable a student to:

  • Identify and comprehend traditional and current issues in Biomedical Ethics;

  • Define the main areas of ethical discourse;

  • Discuss theories of ethics: teleological and deontological

  • Develop skills of critical ethical analysis of contemporary moral problems.

REQUIRED TEXTS:  There is onoy one (1) and it is free.

1.  an ONLINE TEXTBOOK is supplied for free.  Click on this link for a new window to open with the textbook.

or in the event that the first copy cannot be accessed there is another copy at:

SUGGESTED ONLY: is a PRINTED textbook described below. The course covers most of the chapters of this text.

Munson ,Ronald. INTERVENTION AND REFLECTION .   8th ED.,Belmont, California: Wadsworth Publishing Company, 2008.      ISBN 13-978-0-495-09502-6

Price: $107.95  at Books   LINK HERE   Try also these sites for the lowest prices available