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There is a great deal of material presented in an Online textbook.  All of the assignments can be completed by reading the materials on the internet.  However, if a learner prefers to have a printed paper text in addition to or instead of the online material,  the two texts below are very good.  The Philosophy text by Pojman would be good for everyone in the course to have.
Schmidt, Roger, et al;   Patterns of Religion,  Belmont, CA.:Wadsworth, 1999.

 ISBN 0534 506 496

2nd edition in paperback, 2005  ISBN 0-534-62741-2

by Roger Schmidt, Gene C. Sager, Gerald Carney, Julius J. Jackson, Kenneth Zanca, Albert Muller, Julius Jackson
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Pojman, Louis P. Philosophy of Religion: An Anthology.     4rd ed. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, 2003.       paperback edition  ISBN 0-534-54364-2
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