Chapter 6 : The MIND-BODY Problem


DINREADING MINDS - A brain as the mind and thoughts and feelings as physical activities in the brain

Title Reading Minds

Do you see what I see? Researchers develop mind-reading algorithm to reconstruct what we perceive . A new technique developed by neuroscientists at U of T Scarborough can, for the first time, reconstruct images of what people perceive based on their brain activity gathered by EEG. Thursday, February 22 - 2018  Don Campbell

Title: Reading Your Mind - Brain Decoder Machine Actually Built

Description: Scientist discovers a new way to get into the mind and view images through a brain decoder using a functional magnetic resonance imaging machine. The images change through blood flow. (this video doesn’t have sound)

Title: Mind Reading Machine on CBS Reads Your Thoughts

Description: CBS special- Scientist and special computerized machinery detects area of the brain where certain thoughts occur and the visual object of the thought will appear on that screen

Title: US Scientists Take Next Step to Creating 'Mind Reading Machines'

Description: Using the FMRI scientist observe blood flow to determine changes in neuro behavior that trigger images popping up on screen.

 Title: New mind reader machines to hack your brain

Description: Referencing Barnaby Jack a popular hacker, Dr. Natasha VitaMore discusses brain hacking which they’re currently researching at MIT similar to a pacemaker- machine that’s built into body that would read memories and mind.

Title: Six Ways Science Can See Into Your Brain

Description: EEG/ CAT SCAN/ MRI/ FMRI/PET /MEG (No video)

Title: IBM - Mind reading within reach in 5 years

Description: With technology reaching new heights, this article suggests using the brain to store memories and remembering things won’t be necessary in the near future. (No video)

Title: ’60 Minutes’ Video - tech that reads your mind

Description: Breakthroughs that have been made by researchers finding ways to read the mind and supreme court getting involved.

Title: What is an FMRI

Description: A basic explanation of what and FMRI is and how it works with tests. Object is to see how things in the brain change when the conductor asks them to view and image in the head.

Title: Vision Reconstruction

Description: Researchers at UC Berkeley test on people while they watch movies. Reactions to colors and scenes and movements to the video produce changes in the brain. They use a color map and as different scenes are being viewed, the corresponding colors light up and the scientists use that to as a foundation for what’s to come in their projects

Title: Technology reads mind to make movies

Description: Decoding brain signals from moving images. Similar to above link. (No video)

 Title: Mind reading breakthrough hailed by US scientists

Description: “You may idly wish you could hear what others are thinking yet write off telepathy as science fiction. But one day, the ability to read people's minds may not be a talent reserved for psychics”

 Title: Michio Kaku on Reading Minds, Recording Dreams, and Brain Imaging

Title: Rats mind-reading technology: Scientists create 'telepathic' connection

Description: Duke University researchers use rats to run brain tests on.

Title: Computer chips in your brain

Description: Chips being placed into brains to enhance brain functions

 Title: Mind reading technology

Description: “What will happen in the future when everyone can read each-others minds. This video tell you the progress being made in Mind Reading Technology”

Title: Paralyzed man uses thoughts to move cursor

Description: a 4 millimeter by 4 millimeter containing 100 electrodes implanted in man’s brain in order to help control computers (No video)


Title: High Five

Description: “Paralyzed man moves robotic arm with his thoughts”


Title: Crazy news: new brain scan can read your mind!

Description: Study at Cornell University where students asked volunteers to picture an imaginary person then by using their provided machinery and technology they can deduce some attributes of that imaginary person


Title: New scanning technology reveals detailed brain activity


Description: MEG  technology used to detect negative changes in brain


Title: Reading the mind brain computer interference


Description: UC San Diego researches run tests on man with Parkinson’s (saw this in class)


Title: Remote Neuro Monitoring: a technology used for controlling human brain


Description: NSA  security of the USA discover a new method that can potentially read minds only to be used on potential terrorist etc.


 Title: Scientists develop brain decoder that can read your inner thoughts


Description: neural firings in the brain help scientists decode different activities in the brain


Title: Mind reading software could eavesdrop on your secret inner voice


Description: “how far science has gone to read what a person is thinking”



Title: Brain decoding – how scientists can read your mind


Description: Patterns of brain activity help scientists understand and read thoughts and images of the subjects brain using MRI






Title: No more blind mice? Prosthetic device send images directly to brain – and could help humans


Description: Device made by students at Weill Cornell that takes images and inputs into brains of mice who are blind by decoding patterns



Title: Dawn of Human 2.0? Nanobot implants could soon connect our brains to the internet and give us 'God-like' super-intelligence, scientist claims

Description: Futurist Ray Kurzweil who works for google says by 2030 nanobots will be used in human brains that will allow humans to send images and emails to another person via brain thoughts


Title: Live forever? Maybe by uploading your brain


Description: Again, Ray Kurzweil the Google engineer is reassuring us that by 2030 brains will be super modified and nothing physical will be needed


Title: How to control someone’s arm with your brain


Description: “how far science had gone to place an idea into a brain
How to Control Someone Else's Arm with Your Brain | Greg Gage | TED Talks
This only shows how on persons brain can send signals or stimuli to the body part of another person's body and not to the brain.”


Title: Technology of Mind Control BBC Horizon Human v2 - Neuroscience Experiments


Description: Image implanting controversies, and documentary on how biology and technology will combine in the future


 Title: Meet the two scientists who implanted false memories into a mouse


Description: “In a neuroscience breakthrough, the duo pioneered a real-life version of Inception”


Title: False memories implanted into the brain of mice


Description: “this video shows scientist implanting memories into the brains of mice”


Title: Could brain implant cure depression?


Description: doctors using new methods to stimulate certain parts of the brain to cure depression. They drill two holes and insert hollow tubes to find the electrodes and stimulate the brain.


Title: A chip in the head: Brain implants will be connecting people to the internet by 2020


Description: Secret scientists working on new technology where by implant into the brain they can help sick people and soldiers by brain stimulation.



Title: How to brainwash people: Techniques to put an idea into someones mind


Description: Hypnosis and psychosis tricks (no video – not relevant)



Title: How to plant ideas into someones head without them realizing


Description: Irrelevant and not part of titles



Title: Watch a professor control another professors mind from across the campus


Description: University of Washington computer science engineer professors did an experiment to send messages to the other professor by wearing an EEG cap to read his brain activities. The other professor had a transcranial magnetic stimulation coil. They played video games 


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