Academic Integrity

Prepared by Philip A. Pecorino, Ph.D.

Professor, Philosophy


"Academic Integrity is a commitment even in the face of adversity, to five

fundamental values: honesty, trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility.

From these values flow principles of behavior that enable academic

communities to translate ideals into action."

The Center for Academic Integrity


QCC has a policy on ACADEMIC INTEGRITY.  From that policy the following is taken:

Assessment of student knowledge is a necessary part of academic life. The educational process must provide opportunities for students to demonstrate understanding and knowledge in each of their courses and to have their command of subject matters and skills evaluated fairly by the faculty. Students must be guided, therefore, by the most rigorous standards of academic honesty in preparing all assignments and exercises and examinations. It is essential that everyone believe it has been done fairly. Students at the College are expected to be honest and forthright in their academic endeavors. In cases of doubt about ethical conduct, students should consult their instructors. To falsify the results of one's research, to steal the words or ideas of another, to cheat on an examination, or to allow another to commit an act of academic dishonesty corrupts the essential process by which knowledge is advanced. It is the official policy of the College that all acts or attempted acts that are violations of academic integrity be reported to the Office of Student Affairs. At the faculty member's discretion and with the concurrence of the student or students involved, some cases, though reported to the Office of Student Affairs, may be resolved within the confines of the course and department. All others will be adjudicated within the process described in the section marked Violations of Academic Integrity. QCC Policy on Academic Integrity

Ten Principles of Academic Integrity A commitment to academic integrity is reinforced by high academic standards. ... Encourage student responsibility for academic integrity.

Booklet  Academic Integrity at Princeton University   This booklet provides all the information you need about Princetonís academic regulations and how you can safeguard the integrity of your original work.

Academic Integrity Resources at the University of San  Diego  Ethics Updates: Academic Integrity Home Page,"  Academic Integrity and the World Wide Web," Computers and Society, Vol. ... Center for Academic Integrity 9th Annual Conference. Duke University. .

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