Course Sample

A four-semester sample sequence of courses that would satisfy the requirements of the proposed degree program is outlined below:

Semester 1 EN101 English Composition I 3 cr.
  HI110 Ancient Civilization 3 cr.
  SOCY101 Sociology 3 cr.
  MA120 Foundations of Mathematics 3 cr.
  CRIM101 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3 cr.
  Sub-total 15 cr.

Semester 2 EN102 English Composition II 3 cr.
  Foreign Language 3-4 cr.
  Physical Education 1 cr.
  MA440 Pre-calculus Mathematics 4 cr.
  CRIM102 Criminology 3 cr.
  Sub-total 14-15 cr.

Semester 3 PHIL101 Philosophy 3 cr.
  Foreign Language 3-4 cr.
  SOCY240 Racial & Ethnic Relations 3 cr.
  PLSC101 American Gov’t and Politics 3 cr.
  CRIM202 Corrections and Sentencing 3 cr.
  Sub-total 15-16 cr.

Semester 4 Lab Science 4 cr.
  SP211 Speech Communication 3 cr.
  CRIM203 Criminal Law 3 cr.
  CRIM201 Policing or  
  CRIM204 Crime and Justice in the Urban Community 3 cr.

  Free Elective 1-3 cr.
  Sub-total 14-16 cr.

Total credits required for the A.S. in Criminal Justice 60

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