The Osmond Brothers in Concert!

Apr 27, 2014, 3pm - $35- Buy Now

The Osmond Brothers have been thrilling packed houses across the world for over five decades and still continue to wow crowds with their warm tones and comedy. Their famous voices have created albums that have competed head to head with such legendary performing artists as the Beatles and Elvis. Their songs stretch the gamut of musical genres, and include everything from jazz, rock, and pop, to country and bluegrass. And now, the brothers continue that tradition of record-breaking performances as they dazzle their fans on their 'Up Close and Personal Tour.' Whether you love jazz, barbershop, rock, country, pop or something else, the Brothers present a knock-out performance of Osmond talent at its finest. You may hear favorites such as One Bad Apple, Double Lovin', Crazy Horses, You Look Like the One I Love, If Every Man Had a Woman Like You and many more. Experience "Osmondmania" and see in person the group that started singing barbershop music as children and swiftly became teen-music idols.

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