Blue Suede Birthday - The Elvis BASH!

Jan 25, 2014, 8pm - $40- Buy Now

While there is certainly no shortage of Elvis impersonators, master performers Scot Bruce & Mike Albert deliver an Elvis experience with superb reverence and a purity that will give you chills. Scot opens the show performing his renditions of the early hits. It is sixty minutes of charismatic shake, rattle & roll taking you through Elvis' career through the Hollywood years. He is so captivating as the young Elvis, that Martin Guitars actually gave him a replica of the guitar that they made for Elvis as a token of their admiration. Scot's resemblance to the young Elvis is so uncanny that one of his promotional photos has mistakenly been used on merchandise as Elvis' commemorative memorabilia! When Mike Albert takes over the look is reminiscent of the later years: with "dazzling" jump suits made just for "the King". Mike is truly untouchable as the older Elvis. Not only is he vocally stunning, but the reverent passion that he infuses into the songs, has reduced many a hard core Elvis fan to tears as seen on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Together, they recreate the electrifying musical excitement of the King.

Scot Bruce

Mike Albert

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