Broadway's Next H!t Musical!

Nov 24, 2013, 3pm - $25- Buy Now

Broadway's Next H!T Musical is NYC's original, award-winning improv musical comedy! Broadway's Next H!t Musical abandons the same ol' song and dance to create a brand new, fully improvised musical comedy. Every lyric, melody and "jazz hand" choreography is made up on the spot to create a show that is spot-on, energetic and absolutely hilarious. Be a part of the musical comedy you are bound to love - after all, YOU created it! The show features improve superstars Deb Rabbai, Rob Schiffmann, Robert Z. Grant, Kobi Libii, Stefan Schick, Rebecca Vigil, host Greg Tiggs plus pianists Eric March, Andrew Resnick and Gary Adler. "Hilarious" raves The New York times, "Brilliant" says TheaterWeek.

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