Dr. Sheena Gillespie, Partner of the Year - Partners for Progress Gala

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Dr. Sheena Gillespie, Former Chair English Department and Former Chair of the Faculty Executive Committee (Retired) at Queensborough Community College, and  Planned Giving Liaison for the Queensborough Community College Fund, Inc.

Dr. Gillespie has had 40 years of outstanding and dedicated service to Queensborough Community College. She has not only been an academic leader at the college as Chair of the English Department and the Faculty Executive Committee, but also as a generous donor to the QCC Fund. Her tireless support advocacy for supporting scholarships and other programs that support student success has led her to be named the Planned Giving Liaison for the QCC Fund, Inc.

Teaching Philosophy:
“I consider myself privileged to teach at a community college in CUNY and think of my students as partners in the learning process. I expect them to engage in informed discussions by reading assignments by the required dates and am constantly inspired by their insights and reflections.  My goal is to foster a sense of community in which students create their own narratives.”

B.A., Barrington College
M.A., University of Rhode Island
Ph.D., New York University

Research Interests:
Literature and Pedagogy.

Across Cultures (7th edition) co-edited with Dr. Robert Becker, English.
Each edition features essays by students at Queensborough recommended by their instructors and approved by reviewers as well as texts by English faculty.

Literature Across Cultures (4th edition) co-edited with Dr. Tony Pipolo and Dr. Terezinha Fonseca.
Each edition features literary texts from diverse authors and cultures past and present, in an attempt to recognize, respect, and learn from the increasing heterogeneity of contemporary human experience.


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