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New or Transfer Student
All new and transfer students entering Queensborough in Fall 2013 or later will be required to complete the 30-credit Common Core to earn an Associate in Arts (AA) or Associate in Science (AS) degree.

Re-admitted Student
Effective fall 2013, readmitted students will be required to follow the categories below.

Continuing Student
Depending on how many credits you have accomplished by summer 2013, continuing students will fall into one of the following categories below.

Pathways Categories
0–14 credits: Students must complete the Common Core.
15–30 credits: Students may choose to complete their existing degree requirements or change to Pathways. Students who wish to change to Pathways must do so in consultation with an academic advisor. Students who opt in to Pathways may not change back to their previous degree requirements. By default, all continuing students are required to complete the existing degree requirements for their major unless they request to opt in to Pathways.
31 or more credits: Continuing students will not be in Pathways and will complete their existing degree requirements.


Academic Advisement

Students who’ve earned 0-25 credits and have  a cumulative grade point average of a 2.49 or below are required to see an academic advisor before registering for classes.

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