Lazar Kaganovich, the Wolf of the Kremlin, Stalin's Anti-Semite, My Uncle: A Family Story

Sunday, December 5, 2010 1:00 PM

This is a family story of Stuart Kahan and his uncle Lazar Kaganovich, vice premier under Joseph Stalin. Kahan's Aunt Rosa was married to Stalin and raised his daughter, Svetlana. Another uncle was Commissar of Aviation. Uncle Lazar, as Kahan calls him, was second-in-command to Stalin, orchestrated the purges that caused the deaths of 20 million, built the famed Moscow subway, created the KGB, and was the only Jew in the hierarchy and the most anti-Semitic one of all.

Stuart Kahan traveled to Russia with his father in the 1980s and spoke at great length with his infamous uncle. He was subsequently tossed out of the county and listed as persona non-grata. Kahan details why his Uncle Lazar was so anti-Semitic and what he thought of the Holocaust. This provides a rare glimpse into the anti-Semitic terror brought to bear by Stalin.

Mr. Kahan has been a journalist for forty-nine years including writing for The New York Times and the Philadelphia Bulletin, as well as being editor-in-chief at McGraw-Hill and business editor at Barron's Educational Services. He holds degrees from the Pennsylvania State University and Oxford University. He is the author of sixteen books and specializes in writing about financial services, wealth management and financial, estate, and retirement planning.

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