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Teaching Trunks

Literature-Based Teaching Trunks for Middle School Students

The literature-based trunks are designed to accommodate the needs of one class or a team of teachers. The material selected are appropriate for students of the middle school grade level.

There is no cost for borrowing a teaching trunk, except for the shipping of the trunk to and from your school.

Loan perios are for one month to six weeks and are available to public, private, and parochial schools throughout the five boroughs of New York City and including Long Island. The trunk will be dropped off to your classroom and picked up at the dates agreed upon.

The trunk focuses on the choices individuals and groups made during the Holocauast. The trunk examines the bystander, perpetrator, victim, and rescuer and how their choices affected their lives and the lives of the others. Materials include: videos, class sets of books and catalogs.