Blackboard 9.1

Blackboard is a Web-based platform used to deliver course materials to enhance both teaching and learning experiences. Working in a password-protected environment, faculty and students are able to post and access course materials, make use of discussion groups, email and many related course management tools -- anytime and anywhere.
It is easy to get started!

 Getting Started  Using the Discussion Board
 What' new on Blackboard?(pdf)  The New Discussion Board (video)
 Faculty Log-in instructions (pdf)  Creating a Discussion Board Forum (pdf)
 Getting Oriented with Blackboard Learn (video)  Reading and Posting on the Discussion Board (pdf)
 Changing your Email address in Blackboard (pdf)  Interacting with the Discussion Board (video)
 Grading a Discussion Board Forum (video)
 Working in the Course Environment  Creating a Discussion Board Thread (video)
 Your Course Environment (video)  Replying to a Disscussion Board Thread (url)
 Customizing the Navigation Menu (pdf)  Grading Discussion Board Threads (video)
 Global Navigation and My Blackboard (pdf)  Searching the Discussion Board and Collecting Posts (video)
 Creating a "My Grades" Course Link (video)  Managing Discussion Board Roles (video)
 Course Menu Overview (video)  Changing Discussion Board Forum Settings (video)
 Making Your Course Available to Students (pdf)  Moderating Discussion Board Forums (video)
 Adding a Banner to Your Course Entry Point (video)  
 Building Course Content  Creating a Journal (video)
 Uploading Your Syllabus (video)  Creating and Editing Journal Entries (video)
 Creating a Blank Page (video)  Commenting on a Journal Entry (video)
 Adding a Web Link (pdf)  Grading Journal Inline (url)
 Creating a Mashup (pdf)  Creating a Blog (video)
 Using the Content Editor (video)  Creating and Editing Blog Entries (video)
 Video Everywhere Building Block (video)  Commenting on a Blog Entry (video)
 Building a Learning Module (video)  Grading Blogs Inline (url)
 Creating a Lesson Plan (video)  
 Creating a Tool Link (video)  Wikis
 Attaching Course Files to a Content Item (video)  Creating and Managing Wikis (video)
 Attaching Course Collection to a Content Item (video)  Creating a Wiki (video)
 Tour the Course Files Feature (video)  Adding Rich Content to a Wiki (video)
   Editing a Wiki Page (video)
 Setting Permissions  Linking Wiki Pages (video)
 Turning Tool Availability On and Off (video)  Viewing a Wiki Page History (video)
 Making Tools Available To Students (video)  Grading a Wiki (video)
 Changing the Course Language Pack (video)
 Changing the User Language Pack (video)  Managing Group Work
 Guest and Observer Access (video)  Creating a Group (video)
 Creating Group Sets (video)
 Getting Started with Groups (pdf)

 Safe Assign and Assignments  Grade Center
 Using SafeAssign (video)  Getting Started with the Grade Center (pdf)
 Creating Blackboard Assignments (pdf)  About the Grade Center (url)
 Retrieving and Grading Assignments (pdf)  Adding a Column to the Grade Center (pdf)
 Inline Grading for Assignments (video)  Customizing the Grade Center View (pdf)
 Downloading Assignments (video)  Needs Grading (video)
 Cleaning Up Graded Assignments Files (video)  Customizing the Grade Center View (video)
 Creating Smart Views (video)
 Tests, Surveys and Pools  Creating a Grade Rule (video)
 Creating a Test (pdf)                  Viewing Grade Details (video)
 Setting Test Options (pdf)  Anonymous Grading (video)
 Automatic Regrading (video)  Creating Grading Notes (video)
 Exporting and Importing a Test or Survey (video)  Creating a Grade Center Report (video)
 Creating a Fill in the Blank Question (video)  Creating a Rubric (video)
 Creating a Short Answer Question (video)  Grading with Rubrics (video)
 Creating a Matching Question (video)  Viewing and Downloading Grade History (video)
 Creating a True or False Question (video)  Color Code the Grade Center (video)
 Creating a Calculated Formula Question (video)  Working Offline with the Grade Center (video)
 Creating an Essay Question (video)
 Creating a Hot Spot Question (video)
 Creating a Multiple Answer Question (video)
 Creating a Multiple Choice Question (video)
 Building a Pool (video)
 Creating a Random Block and Adding it to a Test (video)
 Item Analysis (video)


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Campus Cultural Centers

image description
Kupferberg Holocaust Resource Center and Archives

Using the lessons of the Holocaust to educate current and future generations about the ramifications of unbridled prejudice, racism and stereotyping.

image description
QPAC: Performing Arts Center

QPAC is an invaluable entertainment company in this region with a growing national reputation. The arts at QPAC continues to play a vital role in transforming lives and building stronger communities.

image description
QCC Art Gallery

The QCC Art Gallery of the City University of New York is a vital educational and cultural resource for Queensborough Community College, the Borough of Queens and the surrounding communities.