Dr. Belle Birchfield

Dr. Belle Birchfield


  • Professor, Department of Engineering Technology Queensborough Community College at the City University of New York
  • Belle Birchfield has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University. She is passionate about teaching and is a proponent of writing to learn, having taught writing intensive courses since 2002. She has been using Student Response System (SRS) technology in her classes since spring 2006 and has worked collaboratively with other disciplines on “clicker” projects across the City University of New York. She has taught Microprocessors since 1998 and written multiple editions of the lab manual used in this course as well as the laboratory manual for the Introduction to Computer Networking course. She is currently Deputy Chair of the Department of Engineering Technology.
  • Professor and Deputy Chairperson Department of Engineering Technology, Queensborough Community College of the City of New York


  • There is no such thing as a stupid question
  • Train your brain, it's the best defense you have in today's job market


  • PhD, Electrical Engineering, Columbia University


  • Worked as an electrical engineer on main frame computers for IBM for many years and did research using a scanning tunneling microscope.
  • Trained as a Cisco Certified Academy Instructor


  • Using classroom response systems (clickers) and other technology to make learning more fun and effective.