Dalad Srisuppak

Dalad Srisuppak

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Dalad Srisuppak

Mechanical Engineering Technology

MT 900 Cooperative Education

Educational Objectives:
Upon completion of the Mechanical Engineering Technology Degree Program at QCC this semester, Dalad will transfer to a local College for a 4 year program in Civil Engineering.

Career Objectives:
Dalad wants to return to her native Thailand to be a great engineer and help her people with her skills in Civil and Mechanical Engineering.

Manufacturing Processes Lab Manual to be used for the course, MT-122.
Together with a team of 2 other students, Dalad researched, developed and produced this comprehensive lab manual, select examples of which are shown in the images here. They researched textbooks, summarized standard manufacturing procedures and developed excercises for students to complete. They photographed the machine tools and equipment in the Manufacturing Processes Lab with a digital camera, scanned in images and produced AutoCAD technical drawings to illustrate the concepts and proceedures. The outcome of their painstaking efforts is a very thorough and detailed workbook with a total of 116 pages. The vase with flowers on the cover page was turned on the Kia CNC Turning Center.
















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