Dr. Robert Becker - English


Name: Robert Becker

Title: Associate Professor


  • BA, SUNY Binghamton
  • MA, Lehigh University
  • PhD, New York University


  • EN-101
  • EN-102
  • EN-103
  • EN-201
  • EN-213
  • EN-213 Internet

Teaching philosophy:

I like students to engage each other and form communities where they become their own resource. I find that classes work best and are most enjoyable when students become actively engaged in their own learning. Research Interests:

The relationships formed between writing and thinking, the assessment of writing and of learning, teaching and learning

Recommended Sites:

http://www.dictionary.com (words and more)

http://writesite.cuny.edu (CUNY Write site)

http://owl.english.purdue.edu (Purdue University writing site)