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College Now at QCC offers high school students two types of classes to help them prepare for college life: college preparatory workshops and credit-bearing college level courses. Students who are initially required to take college preparatory courses will have the opportunity to progress to credit-bearing courses. Upon successful completion of preparatory courses, students may register to take college level courses until they graduate from high school. Students may take up to 12 credits while in high school.


High school students will be identified and recommended by their College Now high school liaison, and/or other personnel. Students who are interested in taking College Now courses can also ask their high school liaison or guidance counselor. College Now high school liaisons will determine a student’s eligibility for various courses.

Taking Classes

Classes are offered in both the Fall and Spring semesters of each year. Most classes will be offered at the partner high schools; some classes will be offered on the campus of Queensborough Community College. Please consult your College Now high school liaison. College Now also offers Summer Programs on the QCC campus.

Classes meet before and after a student’s school day. Generally, students can expect a final exam and course work that may include quizzes, essays, papers, skills exercises and problem solving exercises as assigned by the instructor.


Students are expected to attend every class meeting of a course. Attendance is monitored from the first day a class begins. Lateness to class can be considered an absence as well. Absence from class can seriously affect the student’s chances of successfully completing a course. Generally absences beyond 15% of course hours may result in a failing grade for the course.

Getting College Credit

After participation in College Now courses, students will have an official transcript on file with Queensborough Community College. The transcript lists all the student’s courses, grades and Grade Point Average (GPA). The transcript will reflect all courses taken by the student, including: completed college credit courses (whether passed or failed) and College Now workshops. See FAQs for more information on transcripts.

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