Academic Senate Meeting

Start Date: April 08 2014 - 03:10 PM

End Date: April 08 2014 - 05:00 PM

Category: Academic Events

Location: M-136


Through its Steering and Standing Committees, the Academic Senate shall have the power to request and receive information appropriate to or necessary for the performance of its duties, from the President and members of the administration, from students and student organizations, and such other sources as may be appropriate. It may address communications to the Board of Trustees transmitted by the President in some document whether it be a Chancellor’s Report or some other report in which the vote must be recorded. As the policy making body of the College, the Academic Senate shall adopt policies not inconsistent with BOT Policies and Bylaws and shall be the voice of the academic community of Queensborough Community College of The City University of New York in all matters which shall appropriately be brought before it, including: 

1.  Intercollegiate athletics and cultural, fine and performing arts programs. 

2.  Educational objectives of the College. 

3.  The establishment and location of new units of the College. 

4.  The periodic review of all departments of the College . The Senate shall have the power to recommend to the Board of Trustees the creation, deletion, or restructuring of departments of the College in consultation with the department(s) in question .

5.  The formulation of the policy relating to the admission and retention of students, subject to the guidelines of the Board of Trustees, and curriculum, awarding of college credits, and granting of degrees. In granting of degrees student members of the Senate shall not vote. 

6.   The recommendation of search and evaluation procedures. 

7.   Such other areas as affect the welfare of the institution. 

From QCC Governance Plan approved by CUNY BOT 6-25-12




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Contact Phone: 718-281-5038

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