Websites of Interest to Gemologists*

Academic and educational

California Institute of Jewelry Training, Gemology
Farlang Gem & Diamond Foundation, links to gemology programs and courses - Interernational Lapidary Association
GEO 347 Introduction, Gems and Gem Minerals Class, The University of Texas at Austin
GEO347 Gems and Gem Minerals Syllabus
Gems and Gem Materials at UC Berkeley
Gem Rocks, Central Michigan University
Gemology Online
GIA Home Page
GO 340 Gemstones & Gemology at  Emporia State University, Kansas
Lapidary Journal: Directory of education
Santiago Canyon College Gemology Program
US Geological Survey gem production
Virtual Museum of Gems & Gem Crystals
Your Gemologist

Famous gems and lore

Famous Diamonds at AM Diamonds
The World of Famous Diamonds - The Crown Jewels of Great Britain, the Hope Diamond, etc.

Gem guides, prices, and prospects

Federal Trade Commission,  Guides for the Jewelry, Precious Metals, and Pewter Industries
Gem Forecaster a site where people sell their jewels
Investing in Diamonds: The Terms of Engagement

Gem types


Diamonds | American Museum of Natural History
Diamond Rough
Diamond prices comparison, statistics, education


Colored Stones

International Colored Gemstone Association
Why are things colored?


Pearls | American Museum of Natural History
Pearls| Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago
Cultured Pearls Galore: A Tucson 2002 Retrospective
Molluscs Bivalves Freshwater Mussels (Unionidae), Man and Molluscs Directory
A Jeweler Picks Out Pearls   An Article from the Wall Street Journal


      Tarius Created Gems (Internet Explorer only)--extensive explainations of synthetic gems including their manufacture and uses
Apollo Diamonds
The Art and Science of Crystal Growth display organised by Lynn Boatner at Knoxville, Tennessee
Article on synthetic Diamonds Univ. Wisconsin
Chatham Created Gems
Chemical & Engineering News - THE MANY FACETS OF MAN-MADE DIAMONDS
ColorWright--Synthetic Faceting Rough
Emporia State University, Kansas--Gem Creation (general facts-a good intro.)
Facet Shoppe Lab Grown Rough
Gemesis Cultured real Diamonds
Gem of Month-Synthetics, Simulants, and Fakes
Gram Faceting Man-Made boule ruby
Grow your own gemstones
Jewel Bearing Applications - Swiss Jewel Company
Morion Company's New Materials sellers of Synthetic Gemstones
MSN Money - Man-made diamonds a girl's new best friend
Ramaura Cultured Ruby
Rayotek quartz and sapphire.
Rock Peddler Synthetic Faceting Rough
Some Aspects of Precious Opal Synthesis
TIME Magazine Archive Article -- Sapphires for Everybody -- Oct. 06, 1947

Institutes and Societies
American Gem Trade Association, AGTA
Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences Laboratory
The Australian Gemmologist - The Official Journal of The Gemmological Association of Australia
Canadian Institute of Gemmology
Diamond Grading Laboratory- AGS Laboratories Home Page
European Gemological Laboratory, EGL USA, diamond reports, diamond certification, gemological institution, pearl reports, gem c
GEM A, The Gemmological Association and Gem Testing Laboratory of Great Britain
Gemological Institute of America
GIA: Gems & Gemology: Issues 1934-1980
Gubelin Gemmological Laboratories the world's most renowned gem laboratory
IGS Archives of Special Features
International Gem Society Reference Library
International Gemological Institute
H R D Antwerp World Diamond Centre
Rochester Lapidary Society
Société Belge de Gemmologie
Farlang                                           Famous gemology books available as HTML on the site
Gem Shows
Tuscon Show

Gem Equipment

General gemology equipment

Certified-Plus Diamonds: heart_&_arrows
Diamond Grading Lamps & Diamond Grading Sets
Direct Read specific gravity balence
gemstone press Instruments
Graves Gemological Supplies
Kassoy - 47 Street NYC
Lacy and Company Online Store Gemstone supplies
Lapidary Journal Supplier Search

Making gem equipment

Product Review, Achiever Microscope
Ellipsoidal cold light reflectors-HB OPTICAL Reflectors

Monochromatic light

LEDtronics, INC

Ultraviolet lamps

3rd Planet samples


Eickhorst - GemLED Refractometer
Kruess Refractometer
Product Review, Two Refractometers
Rubin & Son products


Mineralab-- specific gravity balance, etc.
Precision Weighing Balances - Acculab VIC-123 Milligram Scale Balance


Crystalbond Mounting Adhesive
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