Bruce Naples

  Bruce Naple, Director of the Academic Computing Center, gave a wonderful collection of mineral specimens to the Department of Biological Sciences & Geology.  These specimens are frequently used to illustrate course lectures and in the laboratory.   The collection includes many fantastic specimens from Rainbow Gemcraft, a company run by Betty and Ernie Naples.

The collection includes well over 500 samples.  Some great examples of stones used in the gem industry, Minerals of the World (example specimens from many nations), large quartz crystals, synthetic minerals, some fine large crystals of mica and selenite.  These are only examples of a truly wonderful donation.

Besides the marvelous donation, it is also worthy of mention that Mr. Naples and his team of coworkers at the Academic Computing Center have helped to create all the Departmental web pages for the College and have been  an enormous help in creating the web pages for Gems & Semiprecious Stones.

Thank you Bruce Naples!