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Save the Date! Get Excited! Form a team! Join a team! Have fun!

Join us at noon on Wednesday, April 22, 2015!


Our annual Walk to Aspire raises money for student scholarships, so future students will have the Edge for Success. Students, faculty and staff organize themselves into fundraising teams. The fundraising "fury" culminates with the Walk to Aspire, a two-mile walk around the college's track.

This year it will be more than just a walk!  Susan Garcia of the Health, Physical Education and Dance Department will be running an exciting activity series just for Walk to Aspire.  We might Zumba or maybe do a little Aerobics.  Join us in the fun!  Participate in our on campus Scavenger Hunt that day.  See pictures of you and your team, walking or exercising on the Queensborough Community College Alumni Association Facebook Page.       

In addition to asking their friends, families, and employers for sponsorship, teams traditionally get creative – holding fundraising events such as raffles, bake, and book sales.

Proceeds go to the "Aspire Scholarship Fund." College departments that organize a team can direct their dollars to an existing departmental scholarship fund.

The 2014-2015 goal is $25,000, with at least 20 teams participating.

Queensborough Community College will be celebrating its Second Annual Harry Lum Day by giving away complimentary desserts to students participating in Walk to Aspire!


  • Join a team – department, club, or student association.
  • Check YOUR department, club, or academy bulletin board and see who is your team leader.
  • Get creative about fundraising!


  • Give online:
    In the comments section, type in the name of the team you want to support.
  • Mail your check to:
    222-05 56th Avenue, A-508, Bayside, NY  11364

    Make your check payable to: The QCC Fund, Inc. / Walk to Aspire / (team name).

Fundraising Ideas

Many teams have come up with remarkable ideas for raising funds during Walk to Aspire:

  • Raffle. One year, a team raffled an Apple Ipod. It was the hottest item on campus! Look for an item that everyone wants and hold a raffle. You must make it convenient to purchase the raffle tickets and prices must be reasonable. But not too reasonable – this has to get you to your goal!
  • Sports donations. A sports team can ask for donations during one of your regularly scheduled games and announce that the collection is to support the team. Make posters and flyers to promote the project.
  • Sponsorships.Get family and friends to sponsor you for each lap around the track. Raise money and get in shape at the same time.
  • Host a luncheon. One previous team hosted a full luncheon in the lobby of the Administration building – hot plates kept the entrees warm and they had an assortment of items including salad, pasta, sausage and peppers, chicken and rice, coffee, tea and dessert! The keys to its success was that it was thoroughly organized; all the servers took turns at the tables; its location was advertised on the main walk in front of the Administration building; they had plenty of plates and cups and bags for people to eat and run and the food was delicious.
  • Door-to door. One year, Freshman Academies won the "innovative fundraising" award mobilizing its people within the College and partnering with the community to reach their goal. They held raffles; they went door to door asking for support; they held a raffle using donated gifts as prizes; they went outside to the business community and told them about their project and won support – they did it all the old-fashioned way – they earned it! And they succeeded – they raised $3,463.
  • Connect your outside organizations. A service learning project can connect your club, church, synagogue, your local high school or organization to raising funds for scholarships for students. Establish a process of developing a list of names and addresses for a mailing list or create an event at which to fundraise; draft a letter or invitation on behalf of your project; send to your mailing list; establish how you will handle returns or plan your event; develop a thank you; count your collections for the Walk to Aspire!
  • Host a contest. Your club or organization can hold a contest – a dance, karaoke or literary contest– where the entrants will make a donation to enter the contest. Part of the collection can go to the prize and the rest goes for your team.
  • Community relations. One team wrote to a former professor now working at a local hospital. The professor shared the letter with the hospital community, raising $1,000.

Walk to Aspire Teams

Sign up today to be a team leader or join a team! Here are our leaders so far in 2015:

  1. Darryl Williams/ Christopher Chin - Motor Club Team
  2. Ben Freier – Student with Disabilities
  3. Patrick Boucicault – SGA
  4. Zeming Lu (Zach) – Finance Club
  5. Francesca Berrouet / Jeannie Buxo – Haitian Club / CSTEP
  6. Steven Dahlke – Music Team
  7. Susan Garcia - Activities Series Team (HPED)
  8. Amawati Ginesh - One Stop
  9. Dr. Emily Tai - PTK
  10. Nickie Patterson Garcia - Alumni/M.A.L.E.S.
  11. Weier Ye - Team Sunshine
  12. Roger Mischel- Health, Physical Education and Dance
  13. Father Mike/ Daniel Correra - Newman Center/SVA
  14. Monica Rossi-Miller - Foreign Language Team
  15. Lampento Efthymiou - International Students Club

Join a team or start your own team.  Here is how:

  • Join a team from your academy, departments or club
  • Partner with service learning projects
  • Sell raffle tickets, book sales, etc.
  • Ask family, friends, and employers to support you
  • Cantact alumni/retired faculty/businesses to sponsor teams
  • Contribute online


The 2015 Walk to Aspire will kick off on Wednesday, April 22nd at 12:00 pm on the Queensborough Athletic Field. 


Teams in previous years have raised tens of thousands of dollars for student scholarships. Here are photos from the Walk to Aspire throughout the years:

Walk to Aspire

Walk to Aspire

Walk to Aspire

Walk to Aspire

View more photos on Facebook


Nickie Patterson-Garcia


Office of Institutional Advancement
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Queensborough Community College
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Walk to Aspire

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