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Computer Information Systems - Associate in Applied Science degree (AAS)

Common core category Course no. Course title Credits
Common core requirements
REQUIRED I.A EN 101 English Composition I 3
EN 102 English Composition II
REQUIRED I.B MA-260 or Pre-calculus & Elements of Calculus for Bus. Students or 3-4
MA-321 or Mathematics in Contemporary Society or
MA-128* Calculus for Technical and Business Students
REQUIRED I.C Laboratory science 4
Introduction to Macroeconomics
Introduction to Microeconomics
FLEXIBLE II.A/II.B/II.C/II.D Humanities elective 3
FLEXIBLE II.A, II.B, II.D, or II.E Social Sciences or History elective (HI-100 series) 3
Subtotal 22-23
Requirements for the major
BU-101 Principles of Accounting I 4
BU-201 Business Organization and Management 3
BU-203 Principles of Statistics 3
CIS-101 (formerly BU-500) Introduction to Microcomputer Applications 3
CIS-102 (formerly BU-502) Computer Programming Fundamentals for Business 3
CIS-152 (formerly BU-520) Computer Programming for Business I 3
CIS-153 (formerly BU-532) Microcomputer Operating Systems & Utility Software 3
CIS-201 (formerly BU-534) Local Area Network Management 3
CIS-208 (formerly BU-508) Database Management Systems 3
CIS-251 Analysis and Design of Systems Projects 3
Subtotal 31
Electives (Select 6 to 7 Credits)
CIS-202 (formerly BU-522) Computer Programming for Business II 3
CIS-203 (formerly BU-521) Object Oriented Programming for Business 3
CIS-204 (formerly BU-524) Web Design 3
CIS-205 (formerly BU-512) Introduction to Information Systems Management 3
CIS-206 (formerly BU-530) Spreadsheet Business Applications 3
CIS-252 (formerly BU-529) Application Development for Mobile Devices 3
CIS-254 (formerly BU-537) Data Security for Business 3
  Free Elective 0-1
Subtotal  6-7
Total credits required 60

All students must complete two (2) Writing Intensive designated classes to fulfill degree requirements.

* Students intending to transfer to complete a Bachelor’s degree should consult with advisor to take either MA-260 or MA-128