How to Read this E-Text

This is an electronic text.  There is a great deal of material contained within it.  The chapters are lessons.  A reader should proceed through each section of the chapters in serial order.  There are links at the end of each section that open to the next section.   The reader proceeds from one to another until the end of the chapter.

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Within most sections of the chapters there are numerous "links" to sites on the internet.  In some cases the reader should click on the link and read the materials at the linked site and then return to the original page or section of the chapter by clicking on the "back " button of the browser being used and proceed forward.  In other cases links are provided as suggested readings and there is the option of reading the materials at the linked site.  The required readings are indicated by having the word "READ" appear immediately before the link.  If these materials are not read then the points which the chapter is intended to present will not be made.  The links marked by READ are integral to the readings.
When this text is used in connection with a course there are discussion topics and written assignments associated with the sections and chapters. The discussion topics are covered in this text. 

Copyright Stephen O Sullivan and Philip A. Pecorino  2002. All Rights reserved.

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