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Chapter 11 Social Change



The Information Revolution and Social Change

Cyberspace and the American Dream: a Magna Carter for the Knowledge Age-  Ms. Esther Dyson; Mr. George Gilder; Dr. George Keyworth; and Dr. Alvin Toffler

Beyond the Information Revolution by Peter Drucker

We Are the Web  by Kevin Kelly

Where We Have Come To (Part 1) (Steve Talbott)     On Kevin Kelly's "We Are the Web"

"Netizens: On the History and Impact of Usenet and the Internet" by Michael Hauben and Ronda Hauben
The Promise and Peril of the Third Wave by Carl Davidson, Ivan Handler and Jerry Harris

Information Society Links Impact of IT and IN

The Alvin Toffler Archive at Wired   War and Anti-WarCultures in conflict with the Digital Revolution

lectures on the information society by Daniel Chandler and Ewan Sutherland


New Village – “Leapfrogging the Grid”   on a Micro Scale   Terrell Ward Bynum

Economics of Computing and Monopolies and Pricing and Access Issues -Terrel Ward Bynum

The Cyber Rights Working Group, Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility

The Global Culture of Digital Technology and Its Ethics,” an abstract of a paper by Krystyna Gorniak-Kocikowska

Impact CS Project  Social and Ethical Impact of Computing

Technological Determinism and Social Choice

Engagement with media: Shaping and Being Shaped by Daniel Chandler

Technological or Media Determinism by Daniel Chandler.

Computer Based Information Systems and Managers' Work  Kimble

Determinism (Wikipedia)

Technological Determinism (Principia Cybernetica)

Technological Questions and Issues (Trinity Church of England School)

Social Aspects of Technology and Science (Records of course meetings at UC San Diego)

What is the Social Shaping of Technology? -
Robin Williams and David Edge review research that addresses 'the social shaping of technology.

Technological Futures and Determinisms Robinson: (2001

Technological Determinism of Marshall McLuhan - Slide show by Whittenburg/Shedletsky from University of Southern Maine

Marshall McLuhan Meets William Gibson in "Cyberspace"'  Michael E. Doherty in the Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine.

Internet and Community

The Virtual Community   by  Howard Rheingold

I'm Glad the Net `Corrodes' My Culture Marcelo Rinesi

Who Are We Without Our Technologies? Muktha Jost

Does the Internet Strengthen Community?  William A. Galston  or access it

Galston, William A. “Does the Internet Strengthen Community?” National Civic Review. You must be logged in first at Newman Library to access this file.

An abstract of the article:

 How About a Moratorium on Internet Surveys?  Steve Talbott,

Internet and Society:  Preliminary Report Stanford Institute for the Quantitative Study of Society, I(February 2000)
Online Communities: Networks That Nurture Long-Distance Relationships and Local Ties Pew Internet and American Life Project, (October 2001) (read summary of findings)

NetFuture: Technology and Human Responsibility   It seeks especially to address those deep levels at which we half-consciously shape technology and are shaped by it.

Virtual Reality

 Peter Horsfield, The ethics of virtual reality: the digital and its predecessors:

Blay Whitby,  The Virtual Sky is not the Limit: Ethics in Virtual Reality

 Whitby, B.R. (1993). The Virtual Sky is not the Limit - The Ethical
 Implications of Virtual Reality.
 Intelligent Tutoring Media, Vol.3 No.2.

Colin Beardon The Ethics of Virtual Reality First published in: Intelligent Tutoring Media. 3(1), 23-28, 1992.

Creating and Using Virtual Reality: a Guide for the Arts and Humanities edited by Kate Fernie and Julian D. Richards



SOCIETIES and Organizations

The Internet Society – an international organization for global cooperation

UNESCO’s Info-Ethics Program, The United Nations





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