Grading Policy

Upon completion of their courses, students receive final grades. A final grade is a letter grade that carries with it a numerical value, as outlined below. These grades and their point values are used to calculate a student’s grade-point average (GPA).

Numerical Values
A Excellent 96-100 4.00
A-   90-95 3.70
B+   87-89 3.30
B Good 84-86 3.00
B-   80-83 2.70
C+   77-79 2.30
C Satisfactory 74-76 2.00
C-   70-73 1.70
D+   67-69 1.30
D Passing 64-66 1.00
D-   60-63 0.70
F Failure 0-59 0.00

The grades of WU and FIN are computed as an F in the GPA and carry a numerical value of 0.00 (see grade of F, above).


Assigned when student drops a class during the second and third week of regular session and has no impact on a student’s GPA.


Administrative withdrawal assigned to students who did not begin attendance, as reported by instructors after 3rd week of the semester and has no impact on a student’s GPA.


Unofficial Withdrawal Assigned for excessive absences, signifying that the course was not completed.


Failure to complete the work for a course in which the INC grade was originally assigned.

The following grades— AUD, INC, NC, P, R, CR, and W — and administrative actions— WA, Y, Z and P — are not included in the computation of the Grade-Point Average (GPA).


Assigned to students who have officially registered to audit a course. Audited courses may not be retaken for credit. Students must request an audit grade at the time of registration or within the first three weeks of the semester by notifying the instructor. The AUD grade does not signify that the course was completed.


Assigned to students who are doing work of passing quality in a course and who have been granted additional time by the instructor to complete coursework. Whether or not the student is registered at QCC, the INC becomes a FIN grade if the missing coursework is not completed by the end of the semester immediately following the semester in which the INC grade was assigned. The FIN grade is computed into the GPA as an F.


Assigned to students in remedial courses when the coursework has been satisfactorily completed, but the CUNY Exit from Remediation Test in reading and writing courses in the Department of Academic Literacy has not been passed. Students may not progress to credit-bearing classes before the related CUNY Exit from Remediation Test has been passed. If the student does not satisfy the exit from-remediation requirement within one (1) year, the NC grade becomes an R. The NC grade is also assigned to students who do not complete the Introduction to Student Life (ST-100) course in a satisfactory manner.


Assigned as passing grade for:

  1. Academic Literacy and remedial, noncredit courses
  2. Introduction to College Life (ST-100) courses
  3. certain cooperative education or field experience courses
  4. courses in which credit is given only by special (or proficiency) examination
  5. permit courses taken at another institution in which the grade of P was given


Assigned when a student has failed to attain the required level of proficiency in a noncredit, remedial course. Remedial courses must be repeated until the student attains the required level of proficiency. If a student receives a grade of “R” two times in BE-112, BE-122, BE-205 or BE-226, he/she cannot repeat the course. Instead, the student must enroll in a repeaters’ workshop.


Assigned when students have been granted transfer credit. Courses receiving transfer credit are not included in the computation of the GPA.


Assigned when students have been granted transfer credit for a writing-intensive course. Courses receiving transfer credit are not included in the computation of the GPA.


(Withdrew) Assigned to students who officially withdraw from a course between the fourth and the eighth week of the semester. The grade of W signifies that the course was not completed. In order to withdraw from a course officially and avoid receiving a grade of WU, a student must file the appropriate from with the Registrar and have the proper approval.

Administrative Actions


Assigned to students who are not in compliance with Public Health Law 2165, requiring proof of immunization against measles, mumps, and rubella. See section on Admissions.


Year or longer course of study – must continue to completion.


Temporarily assigned when no grade has been submitted by the course instructor prior to mailing of semester grades or when a grade submitted by the instructor is proved to be invalid.


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