Charo in Concert with Bill Santiago

Apr 14, 2013, 3pm - $35- Buy Now

We are sorry to inform you that Charo in Concert scheduled for April 14 has been cancelled. We have been notified by Charo's agent that another one of her dates has been cancelled, and she will not travel to New York for an isolated performance. If you have purchased tickets for this event, please call the box office at (718) 631-6311 to arrange for an exchange or refund. Thank you.

Only a few people in show business are recognized by just one name. Charo is one of them. A master musician, singer, comedienne, stage and screen performer, Charo is a household name recognized for her witty humor, loveable accent and her mastery of the flamenco guitar. She is an integral proponent of contemporary Latin music, and received the Female Pop Album of the Year Award at the Billboard International Latin Music Conference for her flamenco inspired platinum album, Guitar Passion. Charo's trademark expression "Cuchi-Cuchi" has endeared her to the world and has remained her catch phrase through countless appearances on hit television shows, including more than forty-five appearances on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. She's appeared with Carol Burnett, Bob Hope, Sammy Davis, Jr. was a regular on Hollywood Squares and VH1's The Surreal Life. Charo's live show is the best show of her career consisting of comedy, storytelling and the most exciting and brilliantly executed Flamenco guitar playing in the world.

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