Foreign Languages and Literatures Faculty

The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures is an integral part of Queensborough Community College’s global outreach endeavor. The cultural and linguistic diversity of its faculty members and the rich variety of their research interests bring to the classroom a multicultural perspective that is essential to  understanding the world-at-large. The faculty is highly experienced and qualified, and thoroughly dedicated to teaching and scholarly research. The Department's course offerings range from elementary to advanced foreign language and literature courses.

Full-time Faculty
Alaiz-Losada, Susana 281-5435 / H217
Ansani, Antonella 281-5376 / H217
Avens, Indra 281-5447 / H217
Borrachero, Aranzazu 281-5454 / H217
D'Arista, Umberto 281-5626 / H217
Ellis, Lorena B. 281-5444 / H217
Garcia-Conde, Luisa 281-5452 / H217
Goldoni, Federica 281-5626 / H217
Lai, Wei 281-5666 / H217
Lin, Jenny (Maan) 281-5457 / H217
Madrigal, Jose 281-5375 / H217
Osorio, Jose 281-5687 / H217
Raya, Eladia 281-5450 / H217
Reeves, Sharon* 281-5412 / H217
Sabani, Laura 281-5432 / H217
Santoro, Maurizio 281-5451 / H217


Faculty by Language
Arabic: Adjunct: Mohamed Badr, Chernor Barrie, Fiazuddin Shuayb
Chinese: Full-Time: Wei Lai and Jenny (Maan) Lin (Coordinator)

Adjuncts: Carol Chen-Shea, Chianli Chen
French: Full-Time: Indra Avens (Coordinator) and Federica Goldoni

Adjuncts: Claudine Jean-Baptiste, Antoine Leveque, Martine Lindquist, Felice Katz, James Blair Boone
German: Full-Time: Lorena B. Ellis (Coordinator)

Adjunct: Marc Murphy
Hebrew: Adjunct: Haggai Nahmias
Italian: Full-Time: Antonella Ansani (Coordinator), Umberto D'Arista, and Maurizio Santoro

Adjuncts: Robert Cavanna, Joseph Colletti, Vincenza Dispenza,  Monica Rossi-Miller
Spanish: Full-Time: Susana Alaiz-Losada, Aranzazu Borrachero, Luisa Garcia-Conde, Jose Madrigal, Jose Osorio, Eladia Raya, Sharon Reeves, and Laura Sabani

Adjuncts: Sobeyda Alvarez, Nidia Cortes, Nidia Gonzalez, Ilka Kobets, Joanne Leo, María Quiroga, Luzmarina Ruiz (substitute), Mélida Sánchez, Ana Civil, Xavier Nieto.


Bourbon, Anne-Marie