Queensborough Communique

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Communiqué, the campus newspaper, is published monthly during the fall and spring semesters by the students in EN-214: Introduction to Journalism. The class offers members a hands-on, workshop approach as students learn how to report for, edit, and publish a newspaper by doing just that. We print 4,000 to 6,000 copies per edition, reaching a substantial audience of students, faculty and staff at QCC.

Communiqué's staff investigates and reports on noteworthy campus events; student government; administration and faculty; arts and sports on campus as well as in the metropolitan area; local and state issues that impact on QCC. The newspaper provides a wide range of writing experiences—from news stories to feature and opinion pieces; staff members also contribute photography and art work as well as conduct the newspaper’s business operations.

Students who wish to pursue journalism beyond EN-214 are encouraged to continue working for Communiqué and to consider enrolling in the Journalism Internship program, through which they earn credits working for local newspapers, such as the Queens Tribune and the Bayside Times.