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Overview: Photojournalists take photographs and motion pictures to compliment news stories about people, events, and places. They work with reporters to develop broadcast news on TV or newspapers. They can specialize in areas such as sports, politics, nature, wildlife, international affairs, etc.
Duties: Decide what kinds of photographs and motion pictures are needed to compliment news stories that appear in print or TV broadcasts. They confer with editors and reporters to coordinate plans.

Travel to sites where the story or event is evolving. Events can vary from city riots to battles and skirmishes occurring in other countries. They obtain clearances and permission to take photos.

They can specialize in fields such as sports, politics, nature, international affairs and wars. Plan how to coordinate the photography with the story to be communicated.

They confer with editors and reporters to make final choices of photographs to be TV broadcasted or printed. They review commentaries and text explanations. May record their own narration.

Degree(s): A.S. Visual and Performing Arts: Art & Photography Concentration 
A.S. Visual and Performing Arts: Dance Concentration 
A.S. Visual and Performing Arts: Music Concentration 
A.S. Visual and Performing Arts: Theatre Arts Concentration 
Job Outlook: Employment of photojournalists is expected to grow as fast as average through 2018. Growth of Internet versions of media will need photojournalists to provide digital images. The Internet and improved data management programs also should make it easier for freelancers to market directly to their customers, increasing opportunities for self-employment and decreasing reliance on stock photo agencies. Job growth will be constrained somewhat by the widespread use of digital photography
Salary Range (National Average): $27,000 to $31,000
Education Level: Training for this occupation generally requires an Associate Degree from a 2 year or community college.
Additional Training/Education: Most employers prefer to hire photojournalists who have a bachelor's degree in journalism with additional courses in photography and art. They look for experience in school newspapers or internships with news reporting and publishing organizations.
Recommended Skills:
  • Weighing out the options in a situation or a problem and logically choosing the best course of action.
  • Identifying the most appropriate equipment and tools needed to get a job done.
  • Painting, drawing, crafting, sculpting and creative designing.
  • The ability to make appropriate use of equipment and materials to get a job done.
  • Being aware of the reactions of others, and understanding why they react the way they do.
Recommended Values:
  • Being able to express creative ideas through the arts.
  • Having the ability to work with equipment or material things.

* National data collected by the Department of Labor between 2008-2012.
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Understanding acquiring positions in this field may be enhanced through continuing academic study (i.e. earning a baccalaureate or a master's degree) and/or work experience in the field, Queensborough Community College has established transfer agreements with other institutions for students who wish to further pursue their educational goals. Students are highly encouraged to meet with one of our Career Services Advisor to fully understand the opportunities available through study in their degree program.