Social Pedagogies

The interdisciplinary field of social pedagogy is developing and evolving constantly, seeking strong connection between, and unity of, theory and practice.

Resources for Faculty

Social Pedagogy Module (download pdf version)


Précis or Brief Description of Practice:  Approx. 2 summary paragraphs, including at least 1-2 sentences identifying how it utilizes integrative social pedagogy. 


Author:  Is there a person or a set of people who should be named and credited with the authoring of this practice?  If so, please identify.


Full Description of Practice:  Please provide a thorough description of your practice:  What happens?  What is the setting?  What do faculty and/or staff do?  What do students do? What are the step-by-step activities in this practice? 


In your description, please discus the ways in which this practice employs a social pedagogy and ePortfolio to advance integrative understandings.  Please consider these questions:



Where is this practice used? Check boxes (check all that apply)

 If explanation is not included in your thorough description (above), please briefly explain your choice(es). Where does the practice take place (one course or set of courses; which program, department or major; what type of learning environment)?  If the practice takes place outside the classroom, please explain.


How does this practice seek to help students deepen their learning?  Please use the check boxes below to identify ways that this practice connects with demonstrates the design principles of Inquiry, Reflection and Integration. Please check all that apply.

Reflection as a form of Integrative Learning – Students’ ePortfolio help them transfer their knowledge across multiple contexts and consider the relationship between classroom and non-classroom learning.


Reflection as Systematic and Disciplined form of Inquiry – Students’ reflective processes embody…


Reflection as Social Pedagogy – students use ePortfolio to share/peer review/discuss/collaborate/ connect with other students around course work, reflections, plans, goals, stories etc.


Reflection as a Process of Personal Change  – Students use ePortfolio as part of an inquiry into their own learning and/or advance their integrative identity formation, etc., by…

  • Articulating their educational and career goals
  • Considering their evolving personal relationship to learning and education
  • Completing/revising a plan of study
  • Planning/preparing for transfer or advanced education
  • Preparing ePortfolio to showcase to potential employers


Professional Development  – Were the faculty and/or staff who designed or used this practice engaged in ePortfolio-related professional development?

  • No, they were not involved in any professional development
  • Yes they were involved in a professional development (check all that apply)….
    • Workshop(s)
    • Sustained seminar (semester-long or year-long)
    • Professional Development for single department or discipline
    • Interdisciplinary Professional
  • Other


Please elaborate:  what type of Professional Development did the faculty take part in? How did this process affect or connect with this Social Pedagogy practice? 


Supporting Documentation—In order to get a fuller picture of your practice, please upload (and briefly identify) any available and appropriate practice-related materials here:  Assignments, handouts, course syllabus, the rubric used to assess student work in this practice, links to student sample portfolios or any additional materials that helps the reader understand the practice. 


Impact and Evidence -- What can you say about the impact of this practice?   What do you know about the way it shapes student understanding?  Student learning and success?  How do you know?  What kinds of evidence associated with this practice suggests its impact?  Is it qualitative?  Quantitative?  Is there student work or a student portfolio you can share?  What does this evidence show?  Please be specific, explain in as much detail as you can.


Connections to other Polished Practices:  Does this Social Pedagogy practice have a connections to other polished practices (classroom practices, professional development, outcomes assessment, etc.) already submitted by your campus?   Please check those that are appropriate and briefly explain the connections below. Check boxes (check all the apply)


** Polished Reflective Pedagogy Practice (submitted Spring 2012)

** Polished Scaling Up Story (submitted Fall 2012)

** Polished Professional Development Practices (submitted Fall 2012)

** Polished Outcomes Assessment (Module A, B or C) ( submitted Winter 2013)

** Polished Technology Story (submitted Spring 2013)


Please briefly explain.


Next Steps:  How might this practice be strengthened, adapted or extended to deepen its impact?  How might you introduce and/or share this practice with others on your campus? Please share any thoughts you have about ways you might work with this practice in the future.